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November 08, 2010


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Dan Clippard

Nice logo!


Awesome job!


Send it to Bud! Looks great.

James S.

I like the design a lot but could you drop the 'black drop shadow' from 'New York' please?


Agree with James S. Please drop the drop shadow. We are all sick of the black on everything Met related. Hopefully Alderson convinces the Wilpons that the 90's black fad is over!


BTW. The design is good looking. Nice job!

you are not a designer



Thanks guys for the comments. Here is the revised logo:




it would follow the mets philosophy more if the logo derived from a pizza hut logo or something. you know, keep with the pizza chain theme and all.

James S.

I like the revised logo a lot better, thanks for listening. Great job, hopefully the Mets will drop the 'black drop' shadow on all their uni's as well. Get rid of both the black uni's and hideous hybrid caps... All blue please!

A1C Maglione

Love the Logo... i hope the All Star game does come to New York in 2013 even tho i'll probably miss it due to being away with the United States Air Force... and am i the only one that actually likes the black drop shadow?

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