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October 27, 2009


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Daniel Schwartz

I'd rather trade Ike Davis + Mejia + Pelfrey/Fernando Martinez for Prince Fielder and sign Matt Holliday as expected.

Darth GM

Will take A LOT more than Ike Davis and Mejias to get Gonzalez. One cannot over rate their own prospects when attempting to pry a young established star off another team. I think that several pitching spects and Fernando Martinez would have to be in the mix to get A-Gone.


Darth GM: Definitely agree with you here.

The last time I heard anything on Gonzo, the Pads were asking the Red Sox for something like Buchholz, Bard, Casey Kelly, and one of Westmoreland/Reddick/Lars Anderson. No way do the Mets have a chance with a deal centered around one player. Keep in mind earlier in the season the Red Sox basically told the Padres (for Gonzalez) and the Mariners (for Felix Hernandez) to pick any five players from the following list:

Clay Buchholz
Daniel Bard
Justin Masterson
Nick Hagadone
Michael Bowden
Felix Doubront
Josh Reddick
Yamaico Navarro

Both teams turned down the offer pretty quickly.


That report about the 5 players is inaccurate and has been shot down by everyone from Epstein to J P Riccardi to others in Toronto & Boston's front offices. Good as Halladay is, that would've been entirely too much to offer. Now, looking at the way Buchholz pitched down the stretch (and how inexpensive he'll be for the next 3 seasons), it probably would've been a mistake to give up on him.
I don't believe the Mets have the number of quality prospects to land a guy like Gonzalez but S.D. does have a brand new, first-time G.M., so you never know.


The Mets do not have the prospects to get A-Gon.


This author is dreaming, and getting linked to MLBTR is a shame. I came to the site to read a reasonable offer for AGon. I am a Yankee fan, and if the Yankees wanted to deal for him, I imagine it costs them one of Joba/Hughes (although both may have too many years service time for what SD is looking for), along with a combination of Austin Jackson, Romaine and Jesus Montero.

To assume that the Mets can get an established, all star, gold glove, home town kid, first baseman that is signed at an ABSURDLY inexpensive (by baseball terms) contract for a package fronted by Ike Davis, who you may not want to include, is ridiculous. The Mets stole Johan Santana because they were willing to give him over 100 million dollars. The Padres are not in the position where they need to trade the only marketable player on their team for a bunch of parts. Ike Davis, who was a reach at draft time, did have a great year. Including the AFL and World Cup though as major signs of a breakout is a bit of a reach.

Step up your game sir.


I'm glad people are at least speculating this as I have been. I would love the Mets to get Gonzalez, such an underrated player that deserves a chance to play for what could be a contender. I would not mind giving up F-Mart, Tejada, Mejias and Parnell, but would like to keep Niese and Davis.


The Padres have a very high side 1b all ready to replace AGon, which is one of the reasons he MAY be available this year. They would not want up and coming 1b from the Mets (Davis) or the Red Sox (Anderson). The new GM Jed Hoyoer will be looking for a genuine haul to push the Pads forward quickly, maybe 5 good players and prospects.


Come on...seriously, think about it...when Gonzalez is dealt it will be to the Red Sox, no question.
The Sox want him, Jed Hoyer coming from Boston, he knows what Boston would give up for him and what will help each team out. I wouldn't be surprised if he and Theo actually had conversations about it, before he left.

It'll be like the Pats trading Matt Cassell to the Chiefs conveniently when the Chiefs new GM came from New England.


What do the Padres need in terms of Major league ready players and prospects?


The Mets have too many fat contracts to consider trading for Gonzalez. Not to mention, their farm system is dreadful. Seriously. It's a really bad crop, among the bottom over the last three years alone. Ike Davis is a pleasant surprise, but guys like Mejia are at least two years away from MLB play to accurately assess his value as a prospect. It behooves the Mets to take advantage of whatever prospects they have (all four or five of them) and counteract the fact contracts they have to absorb in overrated players like Reyes and Beltran.

If Minaya and the Mets -- including its dreaming fanbase -- believe Davis and some schlubs will be enough to get either elite talent, they (and you) are dead wrong. Your team just doesn't have the talent or the ideal team/financial situation to pull that off and make it work beyond 2011.

By the way, I don't mean to nitpick, but is it too much to ask for spelling, punctuation, and grammar in blog posts that somehow get linked to MLBTR? Seriously. Reading this gave me a headache with an overwhelming feeling of disappointment.

Mike F

Ruck859,Mike you forgot to include Wright in your post regarding overrated players.


Ruck859 must be a Yankee fan. Everyone on the Mets is overrated but Jeter somehow is God. I just saw him in two World Series games strike out three times and he wasn't even able to get down a bunt. Talk about overrated. This guy is media made. If the Yanks win he gets the credit if they loose A Roid gets blamed. Put him on another team and he won't be half the player Beltran is.


Everyone that is saying that SD would never trade A-Gonz is forgetting about Blanks... they love this kid and would want to move Gonz to get him out the outfield and playing first for them... that being said they would likely not be interested in Ike Davis as they have their 1b of the future in Blanks... they might want to use him to deal thats why I am thinking if the Mets can get him they are gonna do it in a 3-way deal which probably includes Maine/Pelf as well as 5 or 6 prospects


who cares if we need to trade ike davis ,fmart, pelf maybe ollie and thats should be decent if the pades r really desbrit in there payroll or maybe give a little more and get prince fielder


IMHO...if Gonzo is out there for the taking, the very least that Omar can do is TRY to see if a deal can be struck. It most probably won't be...but you never know unless you TRY, instead of scoffing as Omar is wont to do. Because, y'know...who knows better than us than Omar "you have lobby for the job" Minaya? >_>

Package a few pitching prospects together (a mix of a minor league arm with a major league ready arm, like, say, Parnell) along with about three or so everyday player prospects (two out of the three from Davis, Meija, FMart, with a couple of lower tier prospects) and you might be able to pull something off. Hell...throw in some cold hard cash into that deal as well, which is one area where the Mets can outplay the Sox. Is it probable? No...but anything is possible, so give it a shot Omar. What's there to lose?


Anyone who says the Mets don't have the players to trade for Gonzalez should take a look at the Santana trade.

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